Fitbit Ionic initial setup and firmware update…

Recently bought an Fitbit ionic, reason being

  1. I don’t need to carry a phone or another device for music and GPS.

the initial setup was a bummer thought of returning it back, the only way I could update the firmware was doing the following

  1.  Have 3g on the phone.
  2. Make the phone a hotspot
  3. Install the Fitbit app on Mac or windows(blue tooth).
  4. Add a new device and run the setup through the computer.
  5. Configure Fitbit WiFi to use to the Mobile Hotspot from step 2.
  6. And on the update configuration screen just select activity tracking, leave the others they will get automatically installed.

That’s it.. well then what combination did not work.

  1. With the app on windows configuring the Fitbit WiFi to use  Hotel/Home/Office WiFi did not work all were 2.4 GHz.
  2. Tried the same setup above with a phone instead of an windows box did not work.
  3. Tried both the above steps with Bluetooth instead of WiFi did not work.

Alll the best and post comments for any other information or questions.



I have been interviewing for a while, for my team for other teams…etc, most of the applicants are more than apt with their technical skills and logical reasoning, if you are still not sure about their technical skill set ask them to do a quick hands on exercise or ask them give a code walkthrough of their github project.

But how do we decide on who to hire? what we should be asking ourselves is “would I have him on my team” if you answer yes then nothing else matters just go ahead and select him. Technical skill can be worked upon if the applicant is a good fit for you team and yes apart from their skill set your gut feeling does matter.