Azure Bicep template for Azure Cosmos DB serverless

Azure Cosmos DB serverless went GA last week, but the documentation has not caught up yet, if you are looking to provision an Azure Cosmos DB serverless account using Bicep you can use the following snippet, the magic here is the capabilities section.

resource cosmos 'Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts@2021-04-15' = {
  name: cosmosName
  location: location
  kind: 'GlobalDocumentDB'
  properties: {
    //enableFreeTier: true
    consistencyPolicy: {
      defaultConsistencyLevel: 'Session'
    locations: [
        locationName: location
        failoverPriority: 0
        isZoneRedundant: false
    capabilities: [
        name: 'EnableServerless'
    databaseAccountOfferType: 'Standard'


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