Pagination in cosmos db

the following code snippet details on how to do pagination is cosmos db , we just need to pass a pagesize and the continuation token, when we are calling the method for the first time, we can just pass in a null and for the subsequent requests, we can pass in the continuation token, which is returned as a part of the response of this method.

 public async Task<ProductResponse> GetAllProducts(int pageSize, string continuationToken)
            List<Product> products = new List<Product>();
            ProductsResponse productsResponse = new ProductsResponse();
            QueryDefinition queryDef = new QueryDefinition("select * from Prodcuts p");
            string token = null;
            if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(continuationToken))
                token = continuationToken;

            using FeedIterator<Product> resultSet = _container.GetItemQueryIterator<Product>(queryDefinition: queryDef, continuationToken: token, new QueryRequestOptions { MaxItemCount = pageSize });
                var items = await resultSet.ReadNextAsync();
                foreach (Product item in items)

  productsResponse.ContinuationToken = items.ContinuationToken;

            productResponse.Products = products;
            return productResponse;


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