Azure storage firewall configuration with app service.

Azure storage and Azure webapps are most widesly used services in azure. The storage account security is implemented via using client secret, managed identity (storage tables is not yet supported) and SAAS tokens.

However if we want to secure at the network level we have the following options


​ using a private endpoint

​ using a service endpoint

and finally the third option is using the storage account Firewall, this blog focuses on the firewall option with an app service is talking to a azure storage account.

by default Allow access from all networks is enabled, unless if you have specified otherwise while creating the account. To enable the firewall, we have to select the “Selected Networks” option, Once we do this the Azure shows a Firewall list box where we can enter the IP’s of the services that we want to access the storage account.

If you services that are calling into this storage account are in the same region, azure ignores these setting yep, you read it correct if the caller service and azure storage account are in the same region, azure does not respect the entries. This setting only works if the storage account is in a different region. (We should probably ask MS why ?).

So if your org is fine with having you appservice and storage account in diffrent regions, and latency is not an issue this is the approach to take, unless you want to PAY for Vnet option, which is only available from the “Standard” and above app service sku, which is about $100 per month, excluding the storage account charges.

For the appservice and storage account firewall configuration, get the outbound ip’s of the app service and add them the storage account’s firewall list. If any other “Azure” service needs access to the storage account say for example Azure resource manger, then the public IP of these need to be whitelisted as well.


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