patterns for message ordering in azure service bus

by default asb is FIFO in nature, first in and first out. But the business required message order is something that the application publisher and consumer should handle.

the following are the patterns that we could use to accomplish this.

  1. only have a single publisher and subscriber and ensure that the publisher always publishes the business required messages in order, and the we can utilize the FIFO nature of the asb to processes messages in order. the issue with this approach is we cannot scale of consumers and publisher.
  2. deferred messaging, if we received an order line item before an order, we could catch the “OrderNotFoundException” and defer the message for few mins.
  3. Message sessions, with sessions we can group all the related messages using a sessionId, azure service bus will then deliver all the related messages to a single consumer who determine on how to process these messages.
  4. Use a message framework like NServiceBus to create a saga and process the lineitems only when an order is already present in the db.

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